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FYCOMPA may help control your seizures

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The studies used to gain FDA approval of FYCOMPA studied how effective FYCOMPA was at reducing certain types of seizures.

Some patients 12 years of age and older treated with FYCOMPA* experienced a decrease in the number of seizures they had and how often seizures happened.

Based on this research, similar results are expected in patients with partial-onset seizures when FYCOMPA is used alone or in children 4 years of age or older.

Not all patients had the same results with FYCOMPA.

*FYCOMPA plus 1 to 3 antiepileptic drugs.

Is seizure freedom possible for me?

Clinical studies provide information about the safety and effectiveness of a medicine.

Purpose of Fycompa

The main purpose of the FYCOMPA studies was measuring the number of seizures and how often the seizures happened. Sometimes researchers look for results that were not part of the main purpose of the study. In the FYCOMPA studies, researchers also looked for patients who achieved seizure freedom (meaning patients had no seizures) over the course of 13 weeks. These results were measured either during the study or after the study ended.

Reviews of Data

While measuring seizure freedom was not the main purpose of the studies, results from these separate reviews of the data showed that some patients achieved seizure freedom while taking FYCOMPA.

Seizure freedom with Fycompa

Because measuring seizure freedom was not the main purpose of the FYCOMPA studies, the data are not considered to be significant. This means the data are not meaningful enough to be able to draw conclusions about these results.

While some patients experienced seizure freedom with FYCOMPA, everyone reacts differently to medicine and may experience different results.

Everyone has different responses to medication. Some people take medication but still have seizures. When this happens, they are called "breakthrough seizures."

Ask your doctor if FYCOMPA may be right for you.

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